Worldly Rhythms #33 Makossa from Cameroon

Every week Worldly Rhythms broadcasts from URF, the student led radio at the University of Sussex, and on Platform B in Brighton. The aim is simple. During one hour we explore a specific genre from a country whilst accounting for the socio-political climate that has affected the music during historical and contemporary periods. Have a listen and enjoy!

This week we dive into the wonderful world of Makossa. Hailing from the coastal city of Douala, this unique genre from Cameroon embodies uptempo rhythms accompanied by explosive brasses, and infectious baselines. This show focuses, on the music that made the world dance in the 70s and 80s. The likes of Charlotte Mbango and Esa, as well as many others can be heard during this program.


A muto by Esa

Konkai Makossa by Charlotte Mbango

Miolo Ma Mabngisane by Djene Djento

Bouger Bouger by Manulo, Ndedi Eyango, Hoigen Ekwalla, Emile Kangue, Lapiro De Mbanga, Ngalle Jojo, Douleur, Sam Fan Thomas, Wally Badarou, Solo Mouna, Moni Bile & Guy Lobé

Soul Makossa by Manu Dibango

Sekele Movement by Pasteru Lappe

Eye Me by Ndedi Dibango

Nko wanga by Guy Lobé

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