Worldly Rhythms #32 Romanian Rap with Special Guest Ionut Barbura A.K.A ‘Babs’

Every week Worldly Rhythms broadcasts from URF, the student led radio at the University of Sussex, and on Platform B in Brighton. The aim is simple. During one hour we explore a specific genre from a country whilst accounting for the socio-political climate that has affected the music during historical and contemporary periods. Have a listen and enjoy!

This week Worldly Rhythms invites special guest Ionut Barbura A.K.A ‘Babs’. He gives us his insight into the world of Romanian Rap and all its prolific artists. As a student of History and Sociology his attention has been drawn to the effects that globalisation have had on his home country since the fall of the communist regime. From early stages of westernisation, in the 1990s, until today, Romanian society and rap have undergone many transformations. A unique group is trying to push a return towards the roots of Romanian heritage using Rap as a tool of expression. Have a listen to learn more!


Attac Getto Dac by Getto Daci

Candy 2 by Specii

Bomba by Specii

Diviziunea Tentei by Kazi Ploae

Anima Mundi by Flou Rege vs. DJ Al*Bu

Balada Romanului by Subcarpati

Floare de Maidan by Cred Că Sunt Extraterestru

Mike Tyson (feat. Amuly) by Chimie

Dă-i Foale (feat. Motanu & Călin Han) by Subcarpati

Spaceman in Babylon by Cred Că Sunt Extraterestru

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