Worldly Rhythms #30 Disco from Trinidad and Tobago

Every week Worldly Rhythms broadcasts from URF, the student led radio at the University of Sussex, and on Platform B in Brighton. The aim is simple. During one hour we explore a specific genre from a country whilst accounting for the socio-political climate that has affected the music during historical and contemporary periods. Have a listen and enjoy!

This week we embark on a journey to the birthplace of disco: Trinidad & Tobago. The only things you need for this voyage is an open heart and your dancing shoes!


Wajang Woman – Embryo

Three Way Situation – Nadie La Fonde

Disco Reggae – Kaylan 

Let me be your Lover – Hamilton Brothers

Sweet Music (Sofrito Edit) – Lord Shorty

Music Lady – Patti Charles

Soca Fusion – Bobby Raveen 

Let’s Make Music – Levi John 

Shango – Lord Nelson 

Disco Daddy – Lord Nelson

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