Weekly Release: Flamingo Pier EP by Flamingo Pier

New On Soundway Records

This week’s release comes from a sunny place. Flamingo Pier give us a 5 track EP on Soundway Records that could not be more distant from the bitter cold that parts of the Northern Hemisphere are currently enduring. The New-Zealand collective brings the warmth of the summer down under with a musical fusion of house, tribal and funk. Gathering praise from some of the leading figures of the electronic dance music scene, such as JD Twitch (Optimo) or Gilles Peterson, this ensemble of tracks is set to create atmospheres of joy wherever it travels to.

The trio composed of Luke Walker, Dominic Jones and Bradley Craig, are the ones behind the decks for this EP. The bouquet of musical genres heard in this project is telling of their events that they have organised in London and in New Zealand. With bookings ranging from Disco wonder-man Sadar Bahar to Kiwi brothers Chaos in the CBD, Flamingo Pier has strived to propose a diverse range in music at their events.

Soundtrack For the Flamingo Pier Festival

The release of this project comes at the same time as the Flamingo Pier Festival that took place this week end in New Zealand. This year’s edition included Harvey Sutherland as well as C:C: Disco, two of Australia’s praised selectors. This EP could very well be the soundtrack for this event, situated in a idillic location on the Island of Waiheke.

The project is comparable to a certain mood, one of happiness and warmth. The cover art is very telling of what Flamingo Pier wanted to convey. Listening to the EP is like walking through a jungle, unsure of where you might end up and suddenly out of nowhere you arrive at a clearing and sun bursts into a paradisiac open space where your worries disappear into the rhythm of the beaming sunlight and wonder fills any emptiness you may endure.

A Journey

As the tracks unravel, there is a deeper feeling that arises from each song. ‘Tell Me How’ and ‘Hold It’, the two first songs of the Flamingo Pier EP convey upbeat and soulful vibes that are representative of primary feelings of joy when coming in contact with elements capable of creating these states of being. Both tracks are composed of an array of funky baselines and synths, as well as pop vocals that are similar to those found in french touch electronic music.

‘Find Your Way’ the preceding track is infused with an acid touch which gives the song a balance with its dreamy guitar riffs. The track marks an evolution from the first two songs on the EP. It precedes a sensation of primary joy and replaces it with a notion of wonder. The song can be seen as an introspective look. Where would one find their place in such a place of natural beauty?

Finally, ‘The Deepest’ is a an answer given to the question that has arisen in the last song. It is a coming to terms with the idea that one is able to live peacefully in such a place of beauty and mystery.


Listen Below:

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