Worldly Rhythms #28 South African Jazz

Every week Worldly Rhythms broadcasts from URF, the student led radio at the University of Sussex, and on Platform B in Brighton. The aim is simple. During one hour we explore a specific genre from a country whilst accounting for the socio-political climate that has affected the music during historical and contemporary periods. Have a listen and enjoy!

This week we make our way down to the tip of the Southern Hemishpere and listen to an hour of South Africa’s finest Jazz. Some names on this hour of music broadcasted from Platform B Radio include Jonas Gwangwa and Hugh Masekela. Have a listen!


– Dindela by Errol Dyers

– Woza Cidi by Bahula’sjazz Africa

-Celebration by Bheki Mseleku, Marvin Smith and Michael Bowie

-Spirits of Tembisa by Moses Taiwa Moleleka

-Batsumi by Jonas Gwanga

-King Felafels by Nududuzo Makhathini

-Whicked Whispers by Andile Yenana

-Don’t Go lose it Baby by Hugh Masekela

-Dedication (To Daddy Trane & Brother Shorter) 

-Pata Pata by Myriam Makeba

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