Weekly Release: Brasiliko by Kapote

Still staying in the theme of Brazilian music, this week we take a look at Kapote’s first release of the year, ‘Brasiliko’ on Toy Tonics Records. The German producer and co-founder of the Berlin-based label delivers a two track EP, that like the name suggests finds its inspiration in Brazilian music and more specifically 70s funk. With infectious rhythms and swaying melodies Kapote delivers two irresistible tracks.

Since Toy Tonics saw the light in 2013, Kapote and co-founder Munk have showcased some of the rising talents in the house music scene. The depth of the label’s roster is without a doubt extensive and carefully picked. Some names on this list include Italian duo Black Loops, Austrian rising talent Demuja and Munich’s COEO. Their releases have made dance floors tremble and roar in Europe and around the world. They have yet again with this project showed the urge to release cutting edge electronic music, finding influences from different walks of life.

In 2017 Toy Tonics had already payed homage to the sounds of Brazilian Boogie with Toy Tonics Edits Vol. 5. COEO, the duo behind the creation of the track ‘Cabrio Mango’, edited Marcia Maria’s ‘Meu Amigo Branco’ originally released in 1978. The blending of the song’s original joyful mood and COEO’s disco-house arrangements creates a euphoric and energetic result.

‘Brasiliko’ brings the energy of Brazil whilst staying true to the foundations of House. With its drum patterns and percussions, the feel of New York House is felt throughout its duration. Kapote on this track is accompanied by Munk in the realm of production. He sets out an arrangement of drifting keys that have no boundaries or restraints, which balances out the deep feel and brings lightness to the track. In turn, combing the primary elements of the golden era of house music and the warmth of Brazilian sounds.

The EP also includes two remixes of the track ‘Brasiliko’ by Giovani Damico and Byron the Aquarius. Both, bring their own touches to the original version. The Italian’s take is one that cherishes a darker approach to the song, whilst the Alabama native revisits the song’s keys and chords showcasing his skills as a musician greatly influenced by Jazz.

Byron the Aquarius

‘Salva Tion’ the second track off of Kapote’s new project is possessed by similar rhythmic approaches to samba, and distances itself from the general feel of ‘Brasiliko’s’ “sunny” vibe. In comparison, one of the predominant elements on this track is the gritty baseline that brings all of the song’s elements together. The sounds on this one seems more industrial and heavy. They can be seen as an electronic interpretation of the carnivalesque atmosphere that reigns once a year in Rio.

Brasiliko is only a preview of what Kapote has planned for 2019. In April he will be releasing an album, which includes ‘Brasiliko’ and is set to contain many more pleasant surprises.

Listen Below:

by Y.D.

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