Worldly Rhythms #27 Iranian Contemporary Jazz

Every week Worldly Rhythms broadcasts from URF, the student led radio at the University of Sussex, and on Platform B in Brighton. The aim is simple. During one hour we explore a specific genre from a country whilst accounting for the socio-political climate that has affected the music during historical and contemporary periods. Have a listen and enjoy!

This week we take a look at Iranian Contemporary Jazz. A fantastic scene that combines Middle-Eastern sounds with Jazz and its variations.


Bride Dance by Peter Soleimanipour

9:40 by Mahan Mirarab, Wolfi Rainer and Robert Jukic

Too Much Coffee by Amir Nasr Quintet

Michelle (Shanbehzadeh Ensemble Acid Arab Remix) by Mutado Pintado

Ghasemabadi by Naima Persian Jazz Band, Hamzeh Yeganeh, Mahan Mirzarab, Kaveh Sarvarian, Amin Taheri & Peter Acoub

Dashti Variation by Hamzeh Yeganeh

Yoush by Choub

Diminished, Act V by Ehsan Sadigh Trio

Teheran by Quartet Diminished

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